Redspace combines tennis with guns to produce ‘Gunball’

Over the past few years, the enormous success of Rocket League has prompted a host of other multiplayer titles that offer their own spin on competitive sports. Now, Redspace has launched Gunball, an explosive new take on tennis that has been designed with the HTC Vive headset in mind.

As with tennis, Gunball players will be serving up balls — but in this case, they’re using guns in place of rackets. Propelling these balls through goal rings is the name of the game, although that might be easier said than done given the carnage that plays out in any given round.

With goal rings moving around the arena, and score multipliers tied to skillful serves, there’s a degree of complexity to Gunball that should make its online leaderboards rather competitive. Players will need to use every one of their balls efficiently to garner a sufficiently impressive score over the span of each timed session.

The game is set to launch with two themed environments; Stadium, which apes the look and feel of a traditional sports arena, and Rainbow Volcano, which is as zany as its name suggests. Both stages have five different goal ring layouts, giving players various different configurations to come to grips with.

Gunball looks set to be a great high-score game for dedicated players to dive into, competing for bragging rights with their friends. However, the concept is straightforward enough that the development team at Redspace has high hopes for its capacity to introduce novices to VR.

“With Gunball, we feel we’ve created the ideal ‘jumping in’ point for new VR users,” says Jeremy McCurdy, Redspace’s games technical lead. “Built around a comfortable experience but with a deep level of skill underneath it, we feel this game is great to show off VR to friends who may have never experienced it. But it’s also an amazing skill-based exercise for VR veterans as well.”

Gunball is available now via Steam for gamers will access to a VR headset. It’s priced at $15, but its creators are running a launch promotion that offers the game for just $9.75 from now until July 5, as part of the Steam Summer Sale.