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Resident Evil-themed shooter Umbrella Corps delayed to June

Capcom has delayed the upcoming release of its Resident Evil-themed multiplayer shooter Umbrella Corps, announcing that the game will miss its initially targeted May release date.

Umbrella Corps is now set to premiere on June 21st for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.

Taking place in the same universe as Capcom’s Resident Evil survival horror series, Umbrella Corps is an action-oriented third-person shooter that focuses on competitive multiplayer at its core. Throughout the course of each match, players must hunt down their opponents as they fend off attacks from AI-controlled undead creatures.

In addition to targeting their opponents directly, players can also opt to take out their rivals’ Zombie Jammer equipment, which opens them up to attacks from the game’s undead swarms. Gameplay otherwise sticks to established shooter conventions with a focus on time-limited, close-quarters multiplayer matches.

Umbrella Corps offers a variety of gameplay modes and match variants, including the high-stakes One-Life Match mode and a Multi-Mission Mode that pits squadrons of player-controlled characters against one another in a fight to the death. The game also offers a limited amount of single-player content including training missions, though Capcom previously announced that Umbrella Corps will not feature a single-player story mode.

Capcom revealed today that Umbrella Corps will feature in-depth character customization options for players wanting to stand out from the competition. Character masks, helmets, shoulder armor, body armor, and Zombie Jammer equipment can each be individually customized with unlockable decals, designs, and color options.

In-game emotes can be similarly customized using the game’s I.C.O.N. system, which allows players to assemble a palette of taunts and gestures in addition to squad-oriented commands. Umbrella Corps‘ arsenal of available weaponry – including newly revealed firearms like the Doberman Pincer shotgun and the Samurai Edge handgun – can also be outfitted with a range of decals and stickers.

Umbrella Corps will launch exclusively via digital channels for $30 on June 21st.

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