Resistance 3 fights to save Oklahoma in this new trailer

resistance 3 fights to save oklahoma in this new trailer res haven okThings are not going well for the human resistance.  America has fallen, and the Chimera are moving in to wipe out a human refugee camp in Haven, Oklahoma.  Things look bleak, and the end seems to be just a matter of time. That cheerful thought is among the first that will go through your head when you fire up Resistance 3, and begin the fight for survival of the human race.

Resistance 3 takes place four years after the events of Resistance 2, and you take control of Joseph Capelli (the how and why of the new character are major spoilers, so if you plan to play Resistance 2, do so before reading too much about the plot of its sequel). Capelli has left the fight against the Chimera and is in hiding with his wife and child when the war finds him. An opportunity then appears that could seriously damage the Chimera, and so Capelli travels towards New York, fighting wave after wave of enemy along the way.

Besides the continuing storyline, Resistance 3 will feature co-op and multiplayer, both online and splitscreen. As with the previous titles, it remains a PlayStation 3 exclsuive when it hits stores on September 6.