Resistance 3 screenshots released

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One of the more stable franchises on the PlayStation 3 that seems to have remained somewhat under the radar (at least compared to other PS exclusives like Uncharted which officially unveiled the third sequel today to national attention), the Resistance series has managed to gain and keep a loyal following and dedicated fanbase that have been eagerly awaiting a glimpse at the upcoming sequel. With the SpikeTV Video game Awards coming this Saturday, Insomniac is planning a major unveiling for the third game in the Resistance franchise, but they have taken an original approach to teasing the game.

Rather than sending off press statements to media outlets, Insomniac has released a glimpse at what to expect via their Facebook page. To access info about the game, just head to their page, and click the “like” button.

The third game in the series takes place in and alternate 1957– four years after the events of the second game– and follows a new protagonist as he travels through what is left of America. In this version of Earth, an alien race called the Chimera have invaded the planet and crushed the majority of the organized military. The resistance forces are fighting against all odds to defeat the much more advanced alien race, and take back the Earth.

Expect more to be revealed about the game this week at the SpikeTV Video Game Awards, and look for the game in Fall of 2011.

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