Respawn Entertainment releases blurry first image from unrevealed game


Many eyes have been on Respawn Entertainment since it formed in 2010, following the high-profile departure of founders Jason West and Vince Zampella from Call of Duty creator Infinity Ward. The pair established themselves at Respawn, a new independent studio that is currently working on an unrevealed game for Electronic Arts. Now, the first image from that game has been revealed… sort of.

That picture up top is it, in case it wasn’t clear. As you can see, there’s not much to puzzle over with this initial reveal-that-doesn’t-really-qualify-as-a-reveal. It’s hard to tell with the blurring effect, but it appears we’re looking at a landscape shot of a predominantly green environment. Some kind of tower-like structure or large object sits in the middle and what appears to be a multi-story building can barely be made out at the left. It looks like there’s some thick cloud (or smoke) cover in the sky, as well as mountains off in the distance.

The product page on Respawn’s website has very little of substance to say about what you’re looking at. “Respawn Entertainment is an independent video game development studio focusing on creating state-of-the-art gaming experiences for global audiences. The studio was formed by Jason West and Vince Zampella, former co-founders of Infinity Ward and creators of the multi-billion dollar Call of Duty franchise. Respawn is developing a multi-platform product based on new video game IP and funded through its publishing deal with Electronic Arts, one of the top publishers in the industry.”


The company’s staff profile page shows off a team with a vast range of experience, including numerous Call of Duty and God of War development veterans. Posting all of those identities online seems like a bad idea though; with such a large team, there must be someone who could be blackmailed into spilling the beans on what Respawn has got cooking.

There’s a second image on the site as well which presumably comes from the mystery game, though it’s even more difficult to tell what’s going on here. Take a look:


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