Retailer Lets Slip a 2010 Release for the PSP2?

retailer lets slip a 2010 release for the psp2 sony psp 2 concept

Now, this should be taken with a grain of salt; in fact, maybe a grain is too light. This should be taken with a rock of salt. The website Siliconera happened upon the upcoming catalog for the Japanese retailer GeoNet, and saw the listing for what it labelled as the  PSP-4000, which has been the long suspected retail name of the PSP2. Normally this could easily be written off as an error, or perhaps just a change of the code used for the product; it could even be an updated version of the PSP. Or, it could be the oft-rumored PSP2 that is expected to debut later this year at Gamescon or the Tokyo Game Show. Of course, the PSP2 was incorrectly rumored to debut at E3.

Again, it could be a mistake, or it could be an updated PSP, but the name “PSP-4000” has been floating around as the retail name of the PSP2 since 2008. Rumors of the PSP2 are nothing new, but if it does mean that the PSP2 will be released this year, it somewhat contradicts the increased effort that Sony is investing into the PSP. At E3, Sony made a big deal about the future of the PSP, boasting that over 70 titles would be coming out this year alone, as well as a new advertising campaign.

Until we know more, file this under rumor. But for those eagerly awaiting the PSP2, you might not have much longer to wait.