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Return to Monkey Island: How to solve all three monkey statue puzzles

This is it, the moment some have been waiting for. Guybrush is back on Monkey Island, and there's nothing that's going to get in his way now. Well, unless there are a few more puzzles involved. It's all been building up to this, so don't let these last few trials keep you from the sweet conclusion that awaits you in Return to Monkey Island.




30 minutes

What You Need

  • Get beneath the monkey head in part five

It's a straightforward path to the caverns below the monkey head on Monkey Island (ignoring the dive to certain death you need to take), but eventually, you will come to a split in the path with a message stating that you need to be an organized pirate to get through. This will start the final three challenges of the game. If you're ready, here's how to solve all three monkey statue puzzles in Return to Monkey Island.

Guybrush running towards lava.

How to solve the first monkey statue puzzle

Starting with the room on the right, you will encounter several statues all missing something. Here's what they need in order.

Step 1: Use the empty grog mug on the monkey's hand.

Step 2: Use your monocle on the squinting monkey's hand.

Step 3: Before leaving, pick up the pebble.

Step 4: Use your knife on the frustrated monkey's hand.

Step 5: Pick up the coin in the next room.

Step 6: Use the crackers with the statue of the monkey and parrot.

Step 7: Before leaving, go back and take back all your items from the statues.

Placing a coin into a chest.

How to solve the second monkey statue puzzle

After heading down the stairs, a new challenge to be observant will begin.

Step 1: Grab the coin before heading right.

Step 2: Pick up the pebble from the first room.

Step 3: Go all the way to the third room and get another pebble.

Step 4: Place one pebble in the cabin monkey's treasure chest.

Step 5: Place two pebbles in the first swab monkey's treasure chest.

Step 6: Put your last two pebbles in the captain monkey's treasure chest.

Step 7: Add your coin to the captain monkey's treasure chest.

Step 8: Take your coins back and head downstairs.

A sign saying only bloodthirsty pirates will survive.

How to solve the third monkey statue puzzle

This is it, the final puzzle! Are you bloodthirsty enough to solve it?

Step 1: Use your knife on the statue of the sad monkey.

Step 2: Use your knife on the screaming monkey statue.

Step 3: Use your empty mug on the statue to fill it.

Step 4: Use the mug on the grate below the broken statue.

The final room presents one last door you need to open. This wheel will require the numbers listed above each of the doors you entered after solving each prior puzzle. Manage to work this out, and you can enjoy the conclusion to Guybrush's adventure.

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