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Rocket League Autumn Update adds LAN support, parties, and tournaments

Rocket League® - Autumn Update Trailer
Looking for things to do this fall? The Rocket League Autumn Update arrives later this month with plenty of new upgrades and features. With the update comes a new season arena, over 90 new customization options, local area network support for PC players, and a whole lot more.

The most obvious new addition is Farmstead, a new seasonal arena with rustic appeal. Players can check out the new map for a limited time throughout competitive, casual, and private matches. In order to stand out in the arena, more than 90 customization items will be added for free as drops after online matches. Additionally, these items can be gained through trade-ins. Items fit into uncommon, rare, and very rare categories. Items include a trail of tacos, dragon wings, and an avocado. Player banners have also been added as a way to further customize and stand out.

From a gameplay perspective, the biggest change is transparent goalposts. When a player is tending a goal, the posts will no long obstruct their view of the arena. This allows them to play as better goalies and keep their eyes on the ball.

Another new addition to Rocket League is the Events system. These are limited opportunities to earn additional Battle-Car customizations. A new item called the Decryptor will also allow players to unlock unopened crates without purchasing a key.

As a multiplayer-focused game, there have been countless requests for LAN support. With the Autumn Update, players will finally have the chance to yell at each other in the same room during local multiplayer parties or local tournaments. At the moment, LAN support is restricted to PC players.

Following the update, players have the chance to help with two other major features. A brand-new Party System launches shortly after September’s update, allowing users to party up directly through PsyNet instead of through Steam, PSN, or Xbox Live. This enables players to chat with others in-game regardless of their platform of choice. The second major feature is a new Tournaments system coming later this fall. Players can create and compete in their own brackets without leaving the game. More information can be found on the website.

The Rocket League Autumn Update launches alongside Competitive Season 6 on September 28.

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