Rocket League’s next patch improves ranked matches, cross-platform play

rocket league next patch announced season1 header

The hit vehicular sports game Rocket League will see a slate of improvements with its next patch, which developer Psyonix notes will be “available in 2 weeks or less” for the PlayStation 4 and PCs.

Among other additions, version 1.05 will introduce “Season 1” of Rocket League, prompting a leaderboard rankings reset as the game moves toward a more structured approach to ranked play.

Improved wait times for matches will accompany Rocket League‘s new focus on ranked play, as players will soon be able to enter another ranked match immediately after a completed session. Currently, players need to quit out to Rocket League‘s main menu every time a ranked play session ends.

The forthcoming update will also focus on improving gameplay sessions featuring both PlayStation 4 and PC players. While Rocket League supports cross-platform play, an issue related to the PlayStation 4’s Rest Mode often replaces the names of PC teammates and opponents with a row of asterisks. This issue will be fixed in version 1.05 of Rocket League.

After applying the next patch, PC players will also be able to filter out PS4 teammates and opponents from matchmaking searches, at their discretion. Text chat, a feature currently broken for many players who resume play from the PlayStation 4’s Rest Mode, will also be restored with the September update.

Other improvements bundled with the forthcoming patch include a music player for menu screens and protection measures designed to prevent save file corruption. Psyonix notes that future patches will include improvements for Rocket League‘s “Utopia” stadium, along with support for Middle Eastern gameplay servers. Additional customization items are also in the works, including a vehicle flag based on Torn Banner Studios’ Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

Rocket League launched as a free game for PlayStation Plus subscribers on the PlayStation 4 in July, spurring its popularity and generating a dedicated playerbase. eSports organization Major League Gaming announced that it will host the first round of MLG Pro Rocket League Qualifiers starting today, September 3. MLG’s Rocket League International Finals will take place on Sunday, October 10.