Rockstar marketing chief behind GTA IV, Red Dead ad campaigns leaves company ahead of Grand Theft Auto V

rockstar marketing chief behind gta iv red dead ad campaigns leaves company ahead of grand theft auto v 625x296

Few companies in the world are famous for their advertising. Coca-Cola and Apple might be famous for their commercials and iconic ads, but save for the Super Bowl, people don’t typically think of advertisements before actual products or services. People have adapted to the advertising heavy world we live in. Ad blindness is a real phenomenon.

Rockstar Games however is known for both its sandbox games and its memorable advertising. New trailers for games like Grand Theft Auto V are events in and of themselves. It’s unclear though who’s going to be making these advertising campaigns for the company in the future as marketing head Alex Moulle-Berteaux has left Rockstar Games.

Moulle-Berteaux was responsible for the best-known advertising campaigns for Rockstar, including those for Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire and Max Payne 3.

Kotaku reported that there’s no bad blood between the marketing chief and Rockstar after the split.

With Grand Theft Auto V less than a year away from release according to rumors, 2K Games and Rockstar have some significant shoes to fill. The games may sell themselves to long time fans at this point but hype still needs to be built by a well-executed campaign of trailers.