Rovio expanding Angry Birds storytelling with cartoon in August; new types of games launching

angry-birds-1-650x363It’s a tale that seems as old as time: Pig steals egg; bird gets mad; bird lays seige to pig’s castle. And it looks like Rovio will be expanding on the storytelling and entertainment of its sqawking goldmine as the Angry Birds cartoon series is set to launch later this year in August.

According to Nick Dorra, head of animation at Rovio, the company will be rolling out a weekly animation series, and Rovio is looking at 52 two to three minute episodes for the series. There was also talk of an Angry Birds movie post-2014, spurred by the recruitment of Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel. Dorra said at the MIPTV conference in Cannes that the movie is currently in development, and his exact words were “it won’t be out in 2013 or 2014.”

The cartoon series is intended to be distributed across as many devices as possible, be it smartphone, TV, tablets and more . The move is part of Rovio’s vision to expand beyond being simply a gaming company. Animation will allow the company to make their characters less flat, and attract different fans.

Games, animation, movies — what’s next? A theme park? It wouldn’t be surprising if Rovio has the chance to actualize its vision. Dorra compared the company to Disney saying: “Disney is a great model for us. We want to be seen as an entertainment company not a games company.”

Besides expanding on the story behind its addictive Angry Birds game, Rovio still has plans on the gaming front. Dorra added that Angry Birds games in the future will have “nothing to do with the gameplay we have seen before”. For those of you looking to try out something new, Rovio will also be releasing some new games this year; brand new, non-Angry Bird related IP. It’ll be interesting to see if Rovio can find success beyond its gaming crutch.