Rumor: Darkseid plays the villain in Justice League movie

Darkseid face

You’ll notice a “rumor” tag on that headline up there. As usual this means you should take a grain of salt with everything we’re about to tell you. Obviously we think this idea has merit or is newsworthy, otherwise we wouldn’t publish it, but as you’re reading the below text please keep in mind that we aren’t guaranteeing anything here. 

Alright, now that we’re all on the same page, Latino Review published an “exclusive” report yesterday which claims that the villain in the inevitable Justice League film will be none other than Darkseid. It’s a convincing report too. After all, the upcoming sequel to The Avengers will feature Thanos, a character who was created as something of a parody of the Darkseid character yet who occupies a very important niche in the Marvel universe: That of the universal-scale villain. For DC Comics parent company Warner Bros. to offer the Justice League an appropriately threatening villain (while also not alienating mainstream viewers too drastically by introducing some fourth-tier threat that only comic book geeks have ever heard of) the film would have to feature Darkseid, as nobody else in the DC Universe fits the bill.

Unfortunately, as convincing as it may be, the Latino Review exclusive seems to be based purely on conjecture. While we agree with the conjecture, it’s difficult to take it at face value when the site fails to cite anyone to back up its claims. Even a vague mention of anonymous insiders would have lent this story a bit of credit. Instead, the site merely says it came upon this information “after some persistent snooping.”

Does this mean that we’re hoping to discredit this rumor? No, not at all. Latino Review has a great track record on this kind of thing, and to be honest, we agree with the conjecture. Darkseid is a perfect double for Thanos, which both provides a villain and sets up the Justice League film to directly compete with The Avengers 2. Likewise, he’s one of the few beings in the DC universe who could be a believable villain for the Justice League. This is, after all, a team comprised of (at least) Superman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, so any bad guy you want to prop up against them is going to have to have some very impressive powers. However, as we mentioned earlier, Warner Bros. most likely wants this villain to be as well known as possible, and given that DC’s other universal-scale threats are relatively unknown among the mass population (your mom has no idea who the Anti-Monitor is) Darkseid is the only reasonable candidate.

Then again, it’s entirely possible that Warner Bros. might take this film in a different direction. A smaller-scale Justice League movie that focuses on the internal strife of the team could be interesting, even without a foe capable of destroying worlds on a whim. The film is theoretically scheduled for release in the summer of 2015, so there’s still a lot of time for the company to change its mind on which direction to take this story. Once we have more solid details on what Warner Bros. has planned, we’ll let you know.