Rumor: Dead Rising 3 plot and character leaks, set in California

zambiesNeed to feed your zombie cravings? Capcom’s Dead Rising may soon be getting a new installment. News is spreading about a mechanic protagonist to star in a Dead Rising 3 set in sunny California. 

Capcom started a ripple of rumors when it posted a teaser to the official Dead Rising Facebook page recently. The first game’s protagonist Frank West wrote, “I’m packing for my new adventure—camera, notebook and baseball bat. What else would I need for a break in paradise?” This implied to fans that the next installment was underway, since Capcom was teasing them already. It also seemed as if Frank hinted at a sunny, tropical locale, like an island.

dr3ca via siliconera

A report by Siliconera added more details to the Dead Rising 3 rumors, citing an unnamed source and even producing a little concept art. From Frank, to Chuck and now Rick. The lead for the new game is an orphan who is employed as an auto mechanic when the zombies hit the fan. 

Rick’s main goal in the new game will be to fix up a plane and fly out of the city before a bomb destroys Los Perdidos. Story-wise, there’s hints that Dead Rising 3 will deal with the theme of illegal immigration. The main character comes across another character named Red and his girlfriend Annie who lead a group of infected “illegals” unregistered by the government. Rick and othersurvivors will be trapped in the fictional California city of Los Perdidos, which will supposedly be under martial law.

Along with the rampant undead, Rick will face crazy outbreak survivors, like a biker riding a ‘Roller Hog’, as well as Phenotrans, Marian Mallon and the new General Hemlock. Rick, being very unsure of himself when the outbreak hits, is no Frank West, but hopefully the company will be kind enough to eventually reimagine it for us like they did with Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.