Rumor hints at a new origin for Wonder Woman and the Amazons in Man of Steel 2

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Fair warning: This should be considered a rumor for now, even though the source has proven to be reliable in the past. If true, DC and Warner Bros. are planning to scrap the comic book history of Wonder Woman in favor of something that directly connects the character to Zack Snyder’s vision of Superman, according to a report from the site Batman on Film.

(Beware minor Man of Steel spoilers here.)

The report suggests that Wonder Woman’s people, the Amazons, may actually be descended from early Kryptonians. In Man of Steel it was established that early Kryptonian settlers left their homeworld to explore and colonize the galaxy. It was well established that the Kryptonian scientists were into genetic manipulation, and this rumored direction for Man of Steel 2 would establish that the all-female Amazons will be a result of this genetic experimentation.

The rumor goes on to suggest that, as a result, Wonder Woman will be much less powerful than Superman due to thousands of years of the Amazons adapting to Earth’s environment.

As for Wonder Woman’s involvement in the film, it will “be about on par with Scarlett Johansson’s first appearance as Black Widow in Iron Man 2.” That suggests she will be a supporting character, but not a featured player. The intention would be to introduce her in order to spin off a solo Wonder Woman film, and to have her established for the still unconfirmed Justice League film.

Again, this is all rumor, but it makes sense. In the DC comics, Wonder Woman has had several revamps since her 1941 introduction. Originally an Amazon from a remote island populated only by women, the character was later altered to play up the Hellenistic influence, including introducing the Greek Gods as characters that frequently appeared as both friends and foes. In most early versions, the character is discovered by a US Intelligence Officer named Steve Trevor, but in later version she was rewritten as an emissary to “man’s world” from her native island of Themyscira, sent to bring peace to the world.

She was also created out of clay and imbued with both life and powers by the Greek Gods, which could be … tough to portray. In the New 52, DC’s most recent overhaul of its entire comics line, she is the daughter of the Amazon queen Hippolyta and Zeus, which would also require the series to introduce a a potentially complicated new storyline.

Instead, making her a descendant of the Kryptonians would be much simpler, and make her introduction in Superman’s movie more of a direct tie-in. It could also hint at the origins of future DC characters, and unify the DC film universe under a common thread.

For now though, all we really know for sure is that Wonder Woman will appear in the film along with Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman, and that she will be played by Gal Gadot.

Man of Steel 2 will be released on July 17, 2015.


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