Russian president Putin to fight zombies in a new game, because why not

russian president putin to fight zombies in a new game because why not

Russian President Vladamir Putin is set to be the star of his own mobile video game, appropriately titled You Don’t Mess With Putin. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the game will center on a gun wielding Putin and his hard-drinking American sidekick, Comrade Mike, as they fight off zombies.

Putin has earned a reputation as a physically imposing guy thanks to his martial arts prowess, affinity for hunting (often shirtless, like a boss), and general demeanor. The game was designed by Belgian Michele Rocco Smeets, a self-professed fan of Putin, and the designer of the recent mobile game RunSowdenRun.

“I am a fan of Putin and I like his tough guy image, so he suits the role of a superhero,” Smeets said. He also confirmed that the character of Comrade Mike is based on the developer himself.

Although Putin’s politics can be polarizing and often make him a hero or a villain depending on where you stand, the game is going to follow a more traditional video game tactic of allowing the players to blow away a lot of politically neutral zombies.

The game will be available for free on October 31 via iTunes and Android Play.