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This Super Mario Maker level is the work of a monster

Super Mario Maker The Armageddan Playthrough 2015 12 17
Super Mario Maker has seen an eclectic mix of user-created stages over the past several months, ranging from wall-jumping challenges to re-imaginings of Pokémon games, but there has been one type of level that, naturally has become especially famous: the level so hard that it will make you throw your GamePad across the room. Giant Bomb’s Dan Ryckert has been specializing in these levels lately, and his “Armageddan” creation is the work of a true monster.

As of this writing, the Armaggeddan has 25 completions out of more than 34,000 attempts for a completion rate of .07%. The level was created with the goal of defeating Kotaku reporter Patrick Klepek, who had managed to complete Ryckert’s first two creations, “The Ryckoning” and “The Klepocalypse.” The final installment in the trilogy is as much of a psychological test as it is a Mario stage, forcing you to return to the same area several times, collect multiple “P” switches, and rescue a Yoshi from his spiky prison after collecting a helmet. The completed run shown above took eight minutes to complete, while the world record run was finished in just over five minutes. How anyone has the ability to not only beat this level, but do a speed run, is completely beyond my comprehension.

Super Mario Maker is separating the good from the evil. It shows humanity that there are demons walking among us, and the demons gladly reveal themselves, ready to destroy every ounce of hope we have left until the world is nothing more than 7 billion people in the fetal position. The levels I’ve made (and enjoyed) have been pretty easy, and I can only hope that the darkness never lays its hands on me.

And in case you’re wondering, Klepek could not beat the Armageddan, and Dan Ryckert released a video to celebrate his victory.

A Message For Patrick

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