Samsung SyncMaster 173B TFT-LCD review

Quote from the review at Envy News:

“Are there any niggles worth mentioning? Well, as we’ve already stated, the inclusion of the weak and tinny sounding speakers should probably be left out and left in the hands of the consumer. Secondly, I would have liked to have seen a better-shielded VGA cable. Shielding is not something that should be skimped on, since a lack could result in a compromised image amongst other things. Thirdly, the 173B is Mac/PC compatible, but the pivoting software requires a Windows PC to function. Samsung has a lot of Pivot-capable LCD displays out now, and I would think that they would want to befriend the Macintosh market a bit better than this. Lastly, The buttons on the display are very hard to read since they are merely embossed on the silver plastic.

Samsung does have a great display on their hands with the SyncMaster 173B. Sure, it’s not the ideal Multimedia LCD display, but for those with laptops that play a mixed business-trip/home-use role, the 173B is a perfect candidate for this role. It’s cost-effective, has excellent brightness and contrast specs for the value, and its silver/black appearance blends well with PC and Mac computers alike.”

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