Save the galaxy with the Omni Blade prop

Cosplay has not completely broken into the mainstream without being referred to as a derisive hobby that conjures up images of men in Sailor Moon outfits or individuals in skintight outfits that they should never have purchased. 

There are, however, some great cosplayers out there who more than make up for their more ill-informed brethren. Designer Chris Myles is one of those. Within the community he’s probably most famous for his Mass Effect costume of the Turian Garrus and his Assassin’s Creed hidden blade prop. 

Myles’ newest creation is his version of the Omni Tool from the Mass Effect series–it even features a pop-out blade. Myles created the tool using a laser cutter and trans-orange 2.5mm sheet acrylic. According to his description of the prop, he heated the acrylic in the oven for 15 minutes and then bent the material over gloved hands to make the final shape. 

It’s even cool project among the many cool projects that he’s done. Check out Myles’ photo gallery to see some of his other creations, including the AC hidden blade or his Daft Punk costume.