Seaman 3 coming this holiday to Nintendo 3DS?

seaman 3 coming this holiday to nintendo 3ds just in time for christmas

The Dreamcast is immortal! To deny its stunning power is to invite ruin upon your house and family! Not really, but it’s impressive how healthy the properties born on Sega’s final console seem to be in the year 2012. Jet Set Radio HD is due out on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PlayStation Vita this summer and Phantasy Star Online 2, a sequel to the Dremacast’s beloved MMO, will be out in Japan by Christmas. Seaman, the insane pet simulator for Sega’s Dreamcast, may get a sequel this holiday season.

Christmas time will bring more than one Dreamcast resurrection. Eurogamer detailed a Tweet from Seaman creator Yoot Saito that showed a bizarre Christmas-themed image, pictured above, of the designer’s infamous virtual pet.

This isn’t the first time there have been hints of a return for Seaman. Reports in February said that Nintendo is working with Saito on a Nintendo 3DS version of Seaman. Saito worked with Nintendo on the Gamecube game Odama back in 2006, a game just as strange as Seaman. It was a real time strategy game that was also a pinball game. Players commanded an army with voice commands and batted a giant ball around the play field to clear out obstacles and enemy squads.