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Persona 4 Golden’s success on PC pushes Sega to consider more ports

Sega Sammy is planning to port more previously released games to other platforms after the resounding success of the Persona 4 Golden launch on PC.

Sega, which held a question and answer presentation for its investors after releasing its financial results for the April to June quarter, received a query about whether there are plans to include Steam among the platforms for new titles after the performance of Persona 4 Golden on the platform.

In its response, Sega confirmed that it is considering PC versions of games in development for multi-platform releases, as Persona 4 Golden‘s sales were much stronger than expected, as translated by Persona Central.

Sega said that it will also be promoting ports for previously released games to Steam and other platforms, so it appears that Persona 4 Golden will not be the last game to be ported to the PC.

Its commitment to ports has apparently already started, with Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster set to release worldwide for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in spring 2021.

Persona 4 Golden‘s success on PC

Persona 4 Golden, which was previously a PlayStation Vita exclusive, launched for PC through Steam in June with a $20 price tag for the standard edition. Developed by Sega unit Atlus, the RPG is generally considered one of the best games on Sony’s discontinued handheld console, but the exclusivity had limited its reach.

In less than a month, Persona 4 Golden reached the milestone of 500,000 players on PC, with the achievement just in time for the 12th anniversary of the game’s launch for the PlayStation 2 in Japan.

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