Sega undecided over Xbox arcade ports

It had been widely assumed that Xbox versions of the games would appear in time since they were developed for the Xbox-based Chihiro arcade machines – which should have made porting them to the home console extremely easy.

However, Sega has apparently not made up its mind either way on the issue – with AM2 producer Makoto Osaki telling Japanese publication Dorimag this week that a decision will be reached based on consumer demand for the titles.

Osaki-san cited difficulties with porting both games to home platforms, mentioning that Virtua Cop 3 would suffer due to the requirement for a light gun peripheral, while Sega has concerns over the tendency for players to rent racing games rather than buying them.

Dorimag reports that a decision on whether the games will be ported to consoles, or remain arcade-only, will be made in the coming weeks. If no Xbox port is forthcoming, this will be a blow to Microsoft, which is believed to have launched the Chihiro arcade hardware in an attempt to persuade arcade game developers to release their offerings on Xbox. This is a tactic which has worked well for Nintendo, whose Triforce arcade system – based on the GameCube hardware – has yielded a number of games which have been developed in parallel for the arcade and the Cube, such as F-Zero GX.