Sennheiser is ready to smack-talk its way into the gaming world with the U 320

sennheiser u 320 gaming headset shoot 1

“All gaming devices obey the new U 320,” commands Sennheiser, the audio specialist which today, released its new multi-platform gaming headset. The smack-talking tagline is a prime example of the kind of pleasantries you’ll no doubt be exchanging with fellow gamers if/when you pick one up.

Sennheiser, who has 65 years of audio experience under its belt, has dipped its toes into the gaming world before. Most recently, the company made headlines with the X 320 gaming headset which, if not ill-fated, was certainly ill-fitted. According to Sennheiser, the U 320 remedies that particular issue, allowing you to remain cool and comfortable throughout your gaming experience via its patented CircleFlex™ techonlogy, which features automatically adjusting ear pads.

The new model is a multi-platform, universal gaming headset, that’s designed, not just as a means to berate your buddies, but as a high-quality listening device that allows you to pick up the robust and detailed soundscapes of today’s PC and console titles. The headset also features a noise-canceling mic, reducing ambient noise so that your entire squadron doesn’t hear your mom telling you to clean your room before she grounds you.

The U 320 multi-platform gaming headset will be available late this fall for $170 and ships with a a two-year warranty.