Shatner vs. Gorn: the rematch

In an ingenious bit of advertising to hype up the release of the upcoming Star Trek video game, Namco Bandai and Paramount Pictures have reunited William Shatner – James Tiberius Kirk himself – with his most rubbery foe: the Gorn. Back in 1967, the two faced off in perhaps the most hilariously awful fight scene to ever be filmed; a scene that culminated in Shatner running off after the Gorn hurled a boulder at him.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the original matchup, definitely give it a watch – it’s a gem. 

And now, after decades, the hotly anticipated rematch is here.

46 years and way too many commercials later, Shatner finally gets a chance to finish the fight. Check it out below:

Although the Gorn didn’t really show up in many episodes during Star Trek’s multi-decade run, the reptillian race will take the main stage in Star Trek: the Video Game as villains. Thankfully, special effects and CGI have come a long way since 1967, so the Gorn in the game won’t bear any resemblance to the original guy in a rubber lizard suit – not that that wouldn’t be awesome though.

Check out our preview of the game at GDC in San Francisco to learn more. Star Trek: The Video Game is set to hit stores on April 23rd, followed shortly thereafter by the release of the movie Star Trek: Into Darkness in May.