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Should you buy a Nintendo Switch on Black Friday 2022?

It’s never a bad time to buy a Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s hybrid console remains a revelation, even four years after its release. If you still don’t have one, Black Friday deals are good a reason as anyways to snag one — especially with the Nintendo Switch OLED model now out in the world. Here’s what you’ll need to know if you want to pick up a Nintendo Switch in the Black Friday gaming deals this holiday season.

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Black Friday is the best time to buy a Nintendo Switch — but shop early deals

Just because the Nintendo Switch is older than Microsoft and Sony’s latest systems doesn’t mean you should assume it’ll be easy to get. The Switch was extremely difficult to come by last year as more people flocked to gaming as an escape in the pandemic. Tie in the current chip shortage and the Switch remains a hot commodity. If you want to snag one before the holidays, don’t hesitate to pick one up before Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals begin.

There are a few things to consider this year when deal hunting. First off, consider which version of the Switch you need. The $300 standard model is more cost-effective than the new $350 OLED version, but the latter is unquestionably better. The new screen and improved kickstand are worth the extra $50 if you plan on playing portable a lot. Meanwhile, the $200 is great for both kids and those who don’t plan on docking the console to their TV. It’s a more dedicated portable system that’s easier to transport.

You aren’t likely to find discounted prices on any of those, but there are plenty of special editions to consider. Last year’s hot Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch could always pop back up, and there’s a special Pokémon Switch Lite on the way to celebrate Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond. The Switch OLED doesn’t have any special editions yet and is unlikely to get a discount, but it’s a better long-term option if you can find it.

Keep an eye out for bundles too, which is where you’ll find the real savings. Switch packs that include extra Joy-cons or games tend to be worth the cost. It’s an easy way to get a must-own game like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe without spending a ton of money scattered over separate purchases.

Why buy a Nintendo Switch

If you don’t already own one, the Nintendo Switch is still an unparalleled system in terms of flexibility. Its unique hybrid design makes it suitable for both home and portable play. The new Switch OLED only buffs that experience by giving it a better screen and audio.

There’s always the possibility that Nintendo might release another model soon, but that shouldn’t stop you. While reports say that a 4K version of the system could be coming, Nintendo has outright denied those claims. Whether or not you take the company at face value, it’s clear that the Switch OLED is its focus right now. We probably wouldn’t see a Pro Switch model for another year at minimum, so there’s no sense waiting another year to grab one — especially when you can trade in your console later if need be.

OLED Nintendo Switch

There’s also the Steam Deck to consider. Steam’s own handheld console is undoubtedly a worthy competitor to this Switch, letting players take their PC library on the go. It’s a more powerful device too, with a bigger price tag to match. Ultimately, that shouldn’t stop you much either. When it comes to Nintendo devices, only one thing really matters: First-party exclusives. Players don’t really come to Nintendo systems for great graphics or modern touches. They come for the kind of high-quality games that have made Nintendo famous. At the end of the day, no other system is going to play Metroid Dread (well, not without some trickery, at least).

The Nintendo Switch isn’t really in competition with other systems. It’s a unique little console that sports a fantastic and ever-growing library of exclusives. If you simply want to play some fun video games — technical prowess be damned — the Switch still reigns supreme, and it’s here to stay.

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