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Should you buy an Xbox One on Black Friday 2021?

While some shoppers will scramble for an Xbox Series X or Series S this holiday season, the Xbox One is still a totally viable option if you don’t own a Microsoft system already. Staying back a generation can feel wrong, but the Xbox Game Pass ecosystem makes sure that you’ll have no shortage of games to play no matter what console you pick up. So if you’re looking for Xbox One deals in the Black Friday gaming deals, here’s what you need to know before shopping.

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Black Friday is the best time to buy an Xbox One — but shop early deals

Getting an Xbox One this holiday season should be easy compared with landing an Xbox Series X. With players scrambling to find new consoles, the old generation isn’t as likely to sell out in an instant. Still, you can never be too careful. The current chip shortage makes it harder to get consoles in general, and Microsoft’s production focus is on its new systems at the moment. Don’t wait for Black Friday deals if you can help it. If you want one in time for the holidays, buy it when you find one.

With older consoles, don’t be afraid to go the used or refurbished route. With so many people trading their old consoles in for new ones, it’s not hard to find a cheap Xbox One. Check retailers like Best Buy, which tend to put refurbished consoles on sale. Remember that this is one of the only ways you’re going to get a console at a discount. Video game systems don’t really go on sale like other tech does, so the retail price tends to be final. Going the used route helps cut the cost down.

If you want genuine savings, there’s no harm in finding a good bundle. Console bundles can include anything from games to controllers, saving you a bit of money in the long run. If you can, we recommend trying to find a bundle that includes an Xbox Game Pass membership to get the most out of your system. Your membership will carry over to Xbox Series X or S if you plan to upgrade eventually, so it’s a smart investment.

Why buy an Xbox One

While buying an Xbox Series X or Series S is the smarter choice in the long run, the Xbox One is still a perfectly suitable option depending on your needs. If you just want a video game system for cheap, it’s as good an option as any. It’s not as powerful, but it’ll still play just about anything you can run on a Series X.

You have a few options when it comes to buying one. There are several Xbox One models depending on your needs. There’s the standard Xbox One, the revised Xbox One S, and the beefier Xbox One X. There’s also a cheaper all-digital edition of the One S. The naming convention is an absolute headache, so you’ll want to read up on the nuances of all of them before deciding. The digital One S is a good overall option, though, in terms of price.

The Xbox One’s secret weapon is Xbox Game Pass. If you own a Microsoft system, it’s absolutely worth subscribing to the service at this point. You’ll get access to first-party Microsoft games, tons of third-party hits, and a selection of neat indies. With such a wide selection of games that can be played across multiple devices, you won’t be missing out much here by dropping down a generation.

The main difference is power. The Xbox Series X is an incredibly powerful system, and the Xbox One is certainly dated by comparison. If you can afford to upgrade, going all out is a smart choice. But an Xbox One is still a perfectly good console, even by today’s standards. It’ll give you plenty of games to catch up on via Game Pass, and Microsoft is still supporting it with new games. You can always trade it in later if you want to jump a generation.

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