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Silent Hill Townfall: Release date rumors, trailers, gameplay

Horror fans are celebrating thanks to the slew of Silent Hill announcements made in October 2022. After the crushing cancellation of P.T, fans of the iconic survival horror franchise were left wondering if the series would ever return. Now, not only are we getting a remake of what many consider the best game in the franchise, Silent Hill 2, but three other new Silent Hill titles are also on the way. While we got a decent look at the remake, the other titles are still very much a mystery.

Silent Hill Townfall is one of the most interesting and promising of these new projects. While the teaser was extremely brief and left more than a little up for speculation, there are some clues that could point to what type of game it will be. If you’re ready to dive into the mysterious town of Silent Hill one more time, here’s everything we know about Silent Hill Townfall.

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Release date

Silent Hill Townfall has no current release date or release window. The only thing we know is that Director Jon McKellan stated during the announcement stream that more would be shown in 2023. Based on that, we don’t expect this game to come out next year, with 2024 being a possibility depending on what is shown next.


A CRTV on a desk.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Another unfortunate mystery surrounding Silent Hill Townfall are the platforms we will be able to play it on. No platforms were listed in the trailer, meaning it could come to any or all of them. We already know Silent Hill 2 remake will be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive.


SILENT HILL: Townfall Teaser Trailer (4K:EN) | KONAMI

Our only teaser for Silent Hill Townfall is incredibly brief and cryptic.

We get a few shots of static and water as someone asks why “you are here.”. They state that “you’re to be punished” before more seemingly disparate lines from the same speaker come in. We primarily see a CRTV on a desk, with periodic cuts to a shore. The screen does flash with static and some symbols and colors, perhaps hiding a message waiting to be decoded. The teaser ends on a blood red shot of the beach.

Obviously, that’s not much to go on, except that it confirms the game is being published by Annapurna and developed by No Code. No Code has previously worked on some very well regarded horror games Stories Untold and Observation.


Footage of a hallway on a CRTV.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Well, aside from being some type of horror game, it’s impossible to tell how Silent Hill Townfall will actually play. If it is anything like No Code’s prior games, however, it could be more in the adventure game genre where you play a more indirect role in how you interact with the story.


No Code has never made a multiplayer game, and the series certainly isn’t built for it, so we feel pretty confidant guessing Silent Hill Townfall will not have multiplayer.


A blood-red beach.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

We have no clue as to when Silent Hill Townfall will hit stores, or even what platforms it will come to. Until such time, we’ll have to hold off on preordering.

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