Skylanders comes to iOS, will ruin your wallet on the go

skylanders comes to ios will ruin your wallet on the go

Attention readers with children, who are children, or neck-bearded adults who spend far too much money on toys intended for children: Activision has made further plans to ruin your life! Action figure-based adventure game Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure turns six months old this month and now Activision has unveiled a new spinoff game for Apple’s iOS devices. That’s right: Now you will torture yourself finding new beasts to plug into your Portal of Power for fights on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

MCV reported on Thursday that Activision will release Skylanders: Cloud Patrol for iOS sometime this year. Vice president of consumer marketing at Activision John Coyne confirmed for the website that the new Skylanders will support a cast of more than thirty characters. The series’ terrifyingly popular action figures can be used to activate those characters, but Coyne also confirmed that Cloud Patrol would incorporate a new form of in-game currency for purchasing characters and goods. “Skylanders is already a huge success on both consoles and the Web with Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders: Spyro’s Universe, and we are excited to bring the franchise to the mobile platform. Now with Cloud Patrol, fans have a brand new way to interact with their favorite Skyanders characters on the go in a fun new form of gameplay,” said Coyne.

Translation: We are going to get filthy stinking rich on microtransactions, y’all!

Well, filthier rich at least. Skylanders has already been a monumental success for the company and is targeted to be the company’s next “billion dollar franchise” as they put it in an investor meeting earlier this year. The mixing of Pokémon-style collectability with physical figures has made the game a hit, and one of the last viable franchises on Nintendo’s Wii that doesn’t involve dancing or is made by Nintendo itself.

Skylanders on iOS raises some interesting questions, not about the next Skylanders but about Apple’s next generation of iPhones. The Portal of Power that scans the game’s action figures can be connected to a PC via a USB cord, so a Skylanders application for iOS will likely just use that connection to scan in characters. There are many rumors though that the iPhone 5 will include a near-field communication chip for mobile payments and other utilities. Skylanders figures actually use RFID technology to communicate with the Portal of Power. An iPhone-specific Skylanders could, with an NFC chip installed, potentially scan figures itself as a virtual Portal of Power, making the game even more accessible and more addictive.

You are evil, Activision, but hopefully not that evil.