Sony adding Indie Games category in the PlayStation Store

PlayStation Store indie games section

A new “Indie Games” category will be added to the PlayStation Store later today (if it hasn’t already been), according to a new PlayStation Blog post. Sony senior manager of digital distribution Pierre Gravereau highlights the support Sony has already given to indie games in the post, pointing to events like the recent Spring Fever releases of Guacamelee!, Dragon Fantasy Book 1, Thomas Was Alone, and Zombie Tycoon 2

Gravereau was also quick to point out in the comments section that indie games will not be relegated solely to this new category, and that promotion and front-page placement for indie games will continue as it is as well. The Indie Games category will simply continue to support Sony’s new small developer-friendly policies and initiatives by housing all indie games available on PlayStation platforms in one place.

“Indie Games will ALSO live in categories such as PSN Games, All PS3 Games, and yes… they will also be from time to time on the store homepage and in our usual promotional areas in addition to now have a section to themeselves [sic],” Gravereau wrote, adding a smiley face for good measure.

“We work closely with our third party group to identify good indie games,” he added in another comment. “We also intend to have special offers on awesome indies quite regularly.”

Speaking of those promised special offers, Retro City Rampage is 50 percent off and the Papo & Yo bundle (includes the game’s soundtrack) is 40 percent off, or 55 percent off for PS Plus members, between today and May 21. In addition, Zombie Tycoon 2 is currently free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. It’s all to celebrate the launch of the PlayStation Store Indie Games section.