E3 2012: Sony announces white PlayStation Vita for October

sony announces white playstation vita for october e3 2012 conference

It’s the tiny pleasures really. Revelation, riches, deep spiritual satisfaction; they’re all fine and dandy, but something only slightly sweet is often more than enough to see the day through. That’s why game machine makers tend to release their little entertainment portals in so many colors. For anyone turned off by the cold industrial black design of the PlayStation Vita, Sony announced a small pleasure at E3 2012 on Monday: Come October, the PlayStation Vita will come in white as well black.

No it’s not the most exciting E3 2012 development in the world, but it is nice to see a little variety offered up for Sony’s nascent handheld line. The white Vita will be out on Oct. 30 as part of a bundle with Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Liberation. The bundle will also come with a 4GB memory card.

The white Vita will was only announced as a Wi-Fi model, with no 3G model in sight. With no announced 3G game support at E3 2012 and reportedly poor interest in the model, the announcement of the white Vita may be the start of Sony phasing out the technology.