Sony brings discounted Music Unlimited subscription cards to GameStop

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Sony Entertainment Network is partnering with GameStop to offer its Music Unlimited subscription at a slight discount on the standard monthly fee. Customers can now purchase gift cards, which allow access to the streaming music service for three months, six months, or 12 months, rather than paying a monthly fee, which is the only other method currently available.

The service is available on both Sony and non-Sony devices, but it is also the only music service currently available on the PlayStation 4. It is integrated into the console in a way that allows you to play music from the service in the background while you’re in a game, or to simply use it as a music app. Once the service is activated, it can then be used on several connected devices, including Android smartphones and tablets.

The cards will be available for purchase in stores, or for delivery from the GameStop website, at the following price points:

  • Three months of premium access for $30
  • Six months of premium access for $55 (a 9-percent discount)
  • 12 months of premium access for $100 (a 20-percent discount)

The cloud-based streaming service touts 25 million licensed songs. Sony is currently offering a 30-day free trial to check it out, after which it reverts to a $10 monthly fee for the “Premium” service, which allows for access on any compatible system – including Xperia devices, Blu-ray players, and more. A trimmed down “Access” plan offers the service for $5 per month, but limits the devices to Mac OS, Windows PC, PlayStation 3, and PS4. Sony is not currently offering an option to purchase multiple months at once beyond the gift cards. 

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