Sony confirms the PS4 will play used games

PS4Leading up to the PlayStation press event, one of the most asked questions in regards to the PS4’s capabilities wasn’t what its power was like or what its online connectivity would be, but rather would it play used games. This stems from an old rumor – or more likely rumors – that can probably trace their origins to as far back as when the first online passes required people to pay to take used games online. But then in January a patent filed by Sony clearly showed that the manufacturer was at least exploring the option of blocking used games. The Internet erupted.

Shuhei Yoshida

Everyone from anonymous commenters to the CFO of GameSpot had an opinion on the matter. But until the PS4 was officially confirmed, it was all speculation. That speculation can now be put to rest, as Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios has confirmed that the PS4 hardware will play any PS4 discs.

“When you purchase the disc based games on PS4, that should work on any hardware,” Yoshida confirmed.

That should put that controversy to rest. Of course, publishers may still decide to add things like online passes, but that is nothing new.

The ball is now firmly in Microsoft’s court. Rumors of the next Xbox blocking used games have been equally prevalent. If Microsoft does follow through – and to be fair there is no evidence that it will beyond rumors – then Sony have have just gained a huge advantage.