Sony Fills In Details On PSP Gaming System

Taking the number of third-party Japanese publishers backing the machine to 59 are the likes of Eidos KK, Jaleco, Atari Japan, Ubisoft Entertainment Japan, Imagineer and Titus Japan.

Consequently, a number of new PSP gaming titles have also been announced. Amongst the most exciting (or at least more familiar) to Western audiences include Sony’s Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Konami’s World Soccer Winning Eleven series, Natsume’s underrated Harvest Moon series, Atari’s Transformers spin-off, a Sony horse-riding game called Derby and confirmation of EA’s Need for Speed: Underground.

However, if it’s comical, positively mind-boggling game announcements that you’re after, then try these for size: Habitrail Hamster Ball, Ninja Bunny Warriors, Sparrow Merit, Big Choppers and um…Sticky Balls. What this lot are all about, we really can’t wait to discover.

Yet despite these revelations, other publishers/developers have been expressing concern over a lack of development kits and console specifications.

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