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Sony gave away one of the best PlayStation VR games to some PlayStation 4 owners

Sony, which looks like it is getting into the holiday spirit very early, gave away free copies of PlayStation VR exclusive Astro Bot Rescue Mission to some lucky PlayStation 4 owners.

Several gamers took to websites and online forums to report that they received free copies of Astro Bot Rescue Mission. A post on the official PlayStation 4 sub-Reddit showed the email that the lucky people received.

“No catch, no strings… we’re just giving you a free PlayStation VR game,” said the image in the email, which contains a voucher code that the recipient will redeem on the PlayStation Store to start downloading Astro Bot Rescue Mission. According to the terms and conditions of the email, the offer is valid until December 2019, and that it is targeting select PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Sony’s selection process for who gets free copies of the popular PlayStation VR game remains unclear. The initial impression was that the Astro Bot Rescue Mission was being gifted to players who already own the virtual reality system, but according to the Reddit thread, some players who received the email do not own it. Perhaps the giveaway is serving the dual purpose of thanking those who have purchased the PlayStation VR, while also enticing those who do not own the system yet to buy it.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission, with a Metacritic score of 90, is widely considered one of the best virtual reality games not just on the PlayStation VR, but across all platforms. The game, which was released in October last year and is currently selling for $20, places players in the role of Astro, the captain Bot, as he goes on a mission to rescue his crew.

Sony previously said that improvements are heading to the design of the PlayStation VR‘s headset, to make it lighter and less encumbered by wires. There is also the possibility of the headset going wireless and integrating eye-tracking technology, though such a successor will likely not be ready to launch alongside the PlayStation 5.

For those who own the virtual reality system for the PlayStation 4, Digital Trends has compiled the best PlayStation VR games available for the platform.

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