Sony Launches Four 3D Games for the PlayStation 3

Sony is embracing 3D technology on all fronts…and it would be remiss if it left console games out its 3D assault. So, along side putting 3D-capable Bravia televisions up for pre-orders, Sony is launching its first four 3D games for the PlayStation 3. Players will need a 3D-capable television to take advantage of the games’ 3D content.

sony launches four 3d games for the playstation 3 wipeout hd

The four 3D game titles include WipEout HD, Super Stardust HD, and PAIN, along with a demo of MotorStorm Pacific Rift. Folks who already own the full games for WipEout HD, PAIN, or Super Stardust HD will be able to download patches to bring 3D support to the games for free.

PlayStation 3 owners looking to tap into the 3D universe may need to make sure they have appropriate firmware: Sony released PS3 system software 3.30 back in April to add 3D capabilities to the console, along with trophy sorting options. Folks who connect their consoles to the PlayStation Network probably already have the update: it was mandatory.