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Sony patent teases PlayStation assistant that estimates completion times

A patent filed by Sony with the United States Patent and Trademark Office teases a possible PlayStation 5 feature that offers players tips and information, including the estimated completion times for game levels.

The patent for an “in-game information platform” reveals details on technology that will guide players through games by providing different types of information. For example, the feature may inform players how much time they would need to complete a level before they start, which will be useful for players who only have a certain amount of time left before they need to put down the controller. The platform may also offer tips and demos to help players who are finding it difficult to complete certain levels.

Some illustrations in the patent application demonstrate what the PlayStation assistant would be capable of, by using one of the iconic scenes of 2018’s God of War for the PlayStation 4 when Kratos and his son Atreus meet the World Serpent.

Other applications for the technology, as mentioned in the patent, include recommendations on whether or not to proceed with a level as it will interfere with another plan of the player. For example, the assistant might warn the player before starting a level that a show that they watch is coming up in 30 minutes when the level will take 45 minutes to complete.

PlayStation 5 digital assistant

The patent further fuels speculation that Sony is working on a digital assistant for the PlayStation 5, which coincides with Sony’s push for intelligent gaming. The technology discussed in the patent appears to fit as one of the features of the console’s own version of Alexa or Siri, if the rumors are true that such an assistant is in the works.

Sony has not confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will roll out with a virtual assistant, as the console remains largely under wraps aside from snippets on its backward compatibility capabilities and the new controller design.

PlayStation fans looking to get their hands on the next-generation console as soon as it launches in this year’s holiday season, however, should brace themselves for a possible shortage, as the cost of the PlayStation 5’s parts will reportedly result in lower initial availability compared with the PlayStation 4 launch in 2013.

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