3D Blu-ray update for PS3 arrives Sept. 21

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Sony’s PlayStation 3 game console will work as a player for 3D Blu-ray movies, music videos and games starting Sept. 21, Sony announced at the Tokyo Game Show on Thursday.

Originally scheduled for release later this year, Sony pushed the date up to take part in the current  momentum being built around 3D technology. A downloadable software update will enable the capability.

The 3D capabilities for the PlayStation 3 will not be as robust as they are for 3D Blu-ray disc players. The game machine will have no problem playing 3D movies, but some parts of the menu and other minor portions of some DVDs will play only in 2D, Sony said.

In addition, Sony reiterated that its motion-controlled wand for the PlayStation 3 called Move, will go on sale Sept. 19 in the U.S.

The Move uses a wireless wand-like controller with glowing sensors on the end, and tracks a player’s movement using a small camera before translating those movements in to on-screen action. Sony believes the product will provide greater accuracy and precision the its rival, the Nintendo Wii. Only time will tell, but one thing is clear — Nintendo has had huge success with the Wii, with over 70 million consoles sold since its debut in December 2005. Nintendo brought in millions of non-gamers: women, health enthusiasts and families, and Sony sees the potential to also gain traction in those markets.

Prices for the Move are expected to start at $99 (USD) including a game. The wand alone is expected to retail for $49.99. Updates to Sony Playstation 3 to incorporate 3D technology will be free of charge.