Sony looks at Microsoft and develops app to let you stream PS4 games on PC and Mac

playstation 4 400 update sharing stream
Earlier this week, we got word of an unofficial app to stream PlayStation 4 games to the PC. The grey market tech follows a feature that’s been an Xbox One exclusive, unless you count the ability to stream from the PS4 to Sony’s portable PlayStation Vita. But now it’s been revealed that there’s an official app in development for the PS4. Word came down from Shuhei Yoshida, the President of Worldwide Studios at Sony Computer Entertainment:

Everyone started getting hot and heavy over streaming back when Microsoft launched the feature to stream from your Xbox One to your PC in June this summer. Since then, there have been rumors regarding the possible launch of a PlayStation equivalent. Streaming provides the ability to play your favorite games when the television is otherwise occupied, a common problem for the average family. Last week, Twisted announced an unofficial standalone app to be sold for ten dollars.

It seems unlikely that Sony would allow the continued development of Twisted’s unofficial app. With the reveal that they’re working on an in-house app, it’s likely that theirs will be released at no cost, but this is yet to be confirmed. Even if Sony allows the continued sale of the app, it is dubious that the average consumer would favor a third-party alternative over an in-house developed app. But with the Twisted app only available on PC and Mac, there are still platforms such as iOS and Linux (at least initially) where the streaming app won’t be available. If Sony would allow it, there might still be room to develop third-party apps for those platforms.

No official pricing or launch date has been disclosed yet, but considering that it’s okay to talk about on Twitter we might hear more details in the near future.

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