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Sony reveals Video Unlimited service for PlayStation 3

Sony‘s PlayStation 3 console isn’t always the easiest to navigate. The XMB user interface that serves as the dashboard is simple enough in concept, but it’s sometimes easy to get lost in the system’s cascading series of sub-menus and sub-sub-menus. The new, soon-to-be-released Video Unlimited service will presumably alleviate some of those headaches, at least on the film/TV front.

Video Unlimited doesn’t actually add new content to your PS3. Instead, it offers a more streamlined structure for finding what you’d like to watch amidst however many offerings you have available to you through the various streaming video sources available on the console. Essentially, we’re looking at a content aggregator, but one with an attractive layout that offers new ways to search through what you’ve got access to, anything from alphabetical listings to specific search terms.

The details are posted on the PlayStation Blog, which also reveals that a preview version of Video Unlimited is available now in the PlayStation Store to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Additional info can be found in the video above, or at

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