PlayStation Vita lifetime sales: 2.2 million worldwide

playstation vita lifetime sales

The Nintendo DS is the second best-selling video game console of all time, its 152 million plus total bested only by the PlayStation 2. Hence why when Nintendo shipped (sold to retailers, not customers) more than 3.6 million Nintendo 3DSs during its first two months on sale, it was still considered a monumental failure as a successor to the DS. Then again, in an era when Apple can sell 1 million pre-orders for an iPhone just 24 hours after it’s announced, the stakes in the portable electronics market are a little different.

All of this is to illustrate this point: The PlayStation Vita isn’t doing so well.

Sony told Joystiq this week that, since December 2011, it has sold just 2.2 million PS Vitas around the world. That’s up from 1.8 million worldwide as of May, but still troubling for a device edging up on its one-year anniversary.

The Vita needs a price drop. Bad. Nintendo dropped the 3DS’ price from $250 to $170 in July 2011 and by September its worldwide numbers had jumped to just under 6.7 million.

Sony says that it will not drop the price of the PlayStation Vita any time soon though. There are great looking games for Vita on the horizon, but Sony needs people to actually pay for the system. Time to make a choice, Mr. Hirai.