SoulCalibur V is coming

soul-calibur-v-announcement-tweet-creatorIf fighting games haven’t had enough cleavage for you lately, you’re in luck. On Christmas day, Daishi Odashima, a member of the SC team, tweeted that a new SoulCalibur game is in the works. He is the director of the upcoming game. The tweet said this: “SC is back! Get ready, fans!” and had a link to the picture on the left, which shows him, a sketch of the SoulCalibur sword, and a life-size replica of the sword behind him. The tweet is below.

Yesterday, SoulCalibur creator Hiroaki Yotoriyama caught up with CVG and spoke a bit about the history of the series, especially SoulCalibur II, which some hail as the best game in the series.

“I believe that SoulCalibur II is one of most ambitious works in the series,” said Yotoriyama. “We included many of the left out features and revamped what was seen as being confusing from SoulCalibur 1 as much as possible. It was very challenging to develop the product simultaneously for three platforms; at the time it had never been done before in our history. This was also the time when the unique feature of the SoulCalibur world was born by bringing on the guest characters. SoulCalibur II brings back unforgettable memories of the franchise and you might say the soul of the Project Soul team can be felt from the product.”

Does SoulCalibur have what it takes to compete with the resurgence of fighting games hitting the market including the new Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat games? What would you like to see in the sequel.