SoulCalibur V parries and thrusts into your brain with this trailer

soulcalibur v parries and thrusts into your brain with this trailer 5It is Christmas in June for gamers, as the flood of trailers and announcements for new games has begun. One franchise that isn’t surprising to see return is Namco’s SoulCalibur, which is back to try to win the crown of king of the fighting games. The competition is fierce, but the fanbase is loyal.

SoulCalibur V will be released on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Guest characters have been confirmed, but it is still too early to know—or even guess—who those characters might be or if they are exclusive to one console. So far, Siegfried and Mitsurugi are confirmed to return, as are two new characters, Patroklos and Pyrrha, the children of Sophita. Expect several new and returning characters to be announced soon.

Plan on hearing more about this game next week at E3, but with a vague 2012 release date, it may be E3 2012 before SoulCalibur V really makes a splash.