`Spider-Man 2: The Game’ Hits The Mac

“Spider-Man 2: The Game,” licensed by Activision, was developed by Ryan C. Gordon, who has previously worked with Aspyr Media, Inc. on “Shrek 2: The Game.”

“Spider-Man 2: The Game,” the follow-up to 2002’s hit Spider-Man videogame, places the gamer into the web-slinging, web-swinging world of the Manhattan metropolis. Gamers become Peter Parker’s alter ego, Spider-Man, soaring through a highly detailed, 3D New York City. Inside a vivid and geographically accurate recreation of Manhattan, Spider-Man swings from uptown to downtown between the East River and the Hudson, using his webbing to stick to anything and everything — lampposts, spires, penthouse balconies, even helicopters. The action takes place above and among areas densely populated by pedestrians and motorists. As Spider-Man, players must protect the city of Manhattan through 19 compelling missions in six distinct environments.

Of course, being a Super Hero carries a certain level of responsibility, and it’s Spider-Man’s duty to aid victims of petty crime throughout Manhattan. Each crook nabbed and crime averted, increases your Hero-Rating and allows you to upgrade your abilities and attacks. Once you’ve added more advanced skills, drop into a local arcade to practice and perfect your new moves before testing them on Doc Ock, Mysterio, Rhino, Puma, and other Marvel villains.