Spider-Man: Edge of Time preview gets villainous with Val Kilmer (and his hat)

spider man edge of time preview gets villainous with val kilmer and his hatYesterday we saw Supergirl actress Laura Vandervoort describe her leap to the Marvel Universe for Spider-Man: Edge of Time, and now Batman is getting in on the company-swapping action, too.

Okay, so Val Kilmer’s name isn’t exactly synonymous with the Dark Knight, but he did star in 1995’s Batman Forever… and now he’s making his debut as a time-traveling villain in the webslinger’s latest video game adventure. (We’re sensing a trend here, folks.)

Kilmer is the star of the second Spider-Man: Edge of Time teaser to be released during this week’s Gamescom convention in Germany. The behind-the-scenes featurette puts the spotlight on the game’s primary villain, Walker Sloan, and Kilmer offers up some thoughts on why he enjoys playing the bad guy once in a while.

In the game, Sloan travels back in time to found the massive Alchemax corporation well before its time, and the move sends troublesome ripples throughout Spider-Man’s timeline. In order to get things back to their natural order, Spidey from The Amazing Spider-Man universe and the Spider-Man 2099 version of the character must team up to stop Sloan’s diabolical machinations.

It’s also worth noting that the teaser offers another brief look at Anti-Venom, a relatively recent addition to Spider-Man’s comic book universe who makes his video-game debut in Edge of Time.

We’re sure there are lots of other interesting tidbits to glean from the trailer, but we kept losing track of what was being said every time we looked at Kilmer’s hat. It’s a fascinating piece of headwear that only a guy like Kilmer can pull off, don’t you think?

Wait, what were we discussing?