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Splinter Cell may not be one of Ubisoft’s three unannounced games

Ubisoft game announcement fiscal year 2020 2019 Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Fiscal year reports are all the rage right now and, with them, come various pieces of different game publishers and developers plans for the next year. Ubisoft is the latest company under a microscope after it disclosed there are three unannounced games that the publisher will be released before April 2020.

ResetEra user dex3108 broke down Ubisoft’s report, which comes with the unfortunate news that the person-versus-person pirate ship combat game Skull & Bones will be delayed to 2020. Ubisoft revealed the news on Twitter and shared their disappointment at not being able to attend E3 2019 with the game and the fiscal report explicitly stated that the game has been postponed to after 2019.

The good news is, Ubisoft teased four new projects that will be revealed and released by the end of the fourth fiscal quarter, which ends in April 2020. The newly revealed Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is one of those four titles and rumors began to circulate that a new Splinter Cell game is included in that number.

This rumor began when, seemingly, a developer on The Crew 2 let the cat out of the bag. Ubisoft creative director Julian Gerighty tweeted that he’s working on the next Splinter Cell game with executive producer Dan Hay and creative director Roman Campos Oriola. PC Gamer reports that, even though Gerighty changed the images on his account to Splinter Cell (he’s changed them to The Division 2, now), that a Ubisoft rep says that “Julian was obviously joking as Julian likes to do” and that that the team doesn’t have any announcements to make at this time.

If it turns out to be a joke, it is not one that will go down well with fans. The last game released in 2013 and this tweet, along with the reports surrounding it, got some gamers’ hopes up. Nevertheless, it is very unlikely that any announced Splinter Cell would be releasing so soon considering the scope of those games. It would be a pleasant surprise, but fans should try to think of other games that may get released before April 2020. It’s likely not Assassin’s Creed, though the game’s name and setting in the age of vikings are now public knowledge.

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