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A spoiler filled look at scenes from Captain America: The Winter Soldier

If you have been dodging any and all potential spoilers regarding Captain America: The Winter Soldier, then stop reading right now. Seriously, thanks for clicking on the article, but there’s at least one image recently released by Marvel Studios that spoils what non-comic book fans may not have seen coming.

Last warning.

Ok, for those that stayed and aren’t concerned by spoilers, the images is of the Winter Soldier. It is the first clear image of the character without a mask on. If you know the comics or have been looking for details on the film, then you already know the big twist regarding who the Winter Soldier is. 

The rest of the images are more general, and it’s nothing you won’t see in the trailer. You’ll note Cap wearing his WWII uniform, Anthony Mackie as the Falcon looking tough, and Cobie Smulders looking surprised as Marie Hill.

The screenshots should help to whet your appetite for the film, which debuts on April 4, 2014.

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