Square-Enix brings Final Fantasy IV to iOS and Android. Is Ouya next?

Final Fantasy II SNES

Final Fantasy IV started life as a Super Nintendo game back in 1991. In the years since, it’s become one of Square-Enix’s most re-released games, showing up in various forms on the PlayStation, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, Game Boy Advance, Wii, Nintendo DS, and the Wonder Swan Color. Not content to sit idly by when there are other gaming platforms to release Final Fantasy IV on, Square announced this week that the game will come to iOS and Android handhelds.

Final Fantasy IV will hit the iPhone and iPad on Dec. 20, and it’ll be available in English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Chinese. This release will actually be an updated version of the 2008 Nintendo DS release, with full 3D graphics and a host of content not featured in the original, including story sequences showing the early life of the game’s villain, Golbez.

The Android version of the game won’t be released until sometime in 2013. Since Final Fantasy IV is coming to Android, though, this likely means that it will be released on the new home console Ouya as well. Square-Enix announced its early support of Ouya last summer, with the 3D remake of Final Fantasy III its first game for the platform.