Square Enix publishes ‘Dargon Quest IV’ in the iOS App Store, hilarity ensues

square enix publishes dargon quest hilarity ensues trogdor

Square Enix released the 2007 Nintendo DS remake of Dragon Quest IV, its classic NES RPG from 1990, onto the iTunes App Store, but with one critical difference. Can you see it right here?

Dargon Quest

Just a little typo that went a long way. The Internet hivemind leapt immediately into action, with Ars Technica’s Kyle Orland coining the Twitter meme #DargonQuestMyGame to spawn more hilarious title misspellings and transpositional errors. Here are a few highlights:

and a personal favorite:

Square’s PR team has surely spotted the error by now, but at time of this writing it remains unchanged. The meme is bringing far more attention to the game’s release than it would have received otherwise. Could this be the intentional work of some evil marketing genius? Or simply a wonderfully hilarious oversight?

Whether viral masterstroke or happy coincidence, we give it until the end of the week before an intrepid programmer actually makes a game called “Dargon Quest” and cashes in on the buzz.

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