SSX: Deadly Descents takes darker approach to snowboarding

ssx deadly descents takes darker approach to snowboarding deadlydescents slipping 656x369

The SSX franchise has been left out in the cold for the last few years (no pun intended… ok, ok, pun definitely intended, but it’s true). Once, one of the cornerstones of EA’s sports lineup, with the exception of the Wii only SSX Blur, the franchise has been neglected on this generation of consoles, with the last release coming with SSX On Tour back in 2005. Judging by the trailer released at the VGAs, SSX is not only back, but it appears to be taking an entirely new approach to the series.

SSX: Deadly Descents will have you battle both man and nature, as you are part of a team that is determined to snowboard over some of the most hostile environments known to man, from the Himalayas to Antarctica. It appears that developer EA Canada is attempting to treat nature as a gameplay element, where you must do certain things like follow a line of sunlight to avoid freezing, or maintain a certain speed to escape a rockslide. The game will incorporate air drops, avalanches and wingsuits, as well as several more “extreme” features.

No word on release specifics for SSX: Deadly Descent, but more on this when it is available.