Star Fox—Metroid: Fusion Saga by Retro Studios rumored to be in production for Wii U

star fox metroid fusion saga by retro studios rumored to be in production for wii u

Back before news was ravenously consumed every single second and we relied on print magazines to tell us things every thirty days, it was less important to determine whether a wild video game rumor was true or not. If something sounded too crazy, ignore it. For example, rumors back in 1998 that Nintendo was working on a fighting game starring all its most famous characters as action figures duking it out? Absurd! Super Smash Bros. did exist though. The lesson then holds true today: Just because something’s crazy doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Retro Studios is making a game called Star Fox—Metroid: Fusion Saga for Wii U. It’s a game about Fox “Star Fox” McCloud and Samus Aran crashing into each other in space and then having an adventure. Star Fox shoots stuff in his spaceship while Samus explores a mysterious planet.

How’s that for crazy?

Paul Gale reported on his website on Saturday that, after investigating what Metroid Prime creators Retro Studios have been working on for a year, his sources indicate that Fusion Saga is the game in question. The company initially wanted to develop an original science fiction game with third-person action, but Nintendo chose to develop a game based on existing properties given Retro’s history with Metroid and more recently Donkey Kong Country Returns as well as Mario Kart 7.

The result is a game that blends the interstellar dogfights of the Star Fox series and the lonely exploration of an alien world from Metroid. The Star Fox and Samus portions of the game can be played separately or intermingled with each other for a cinematic experience.

Gale said that while he’s confident that this game was in fact proposed by Retro as its collaboration with Nintendo on an existing property, it may not be the exact title Retro will make for Wii U first. The studio is said to have something in the works for the system’s launch later this year.

This is the second time in as many weeks that Retro has been rumored to be working on a Star Fox related project. As we reported back on May 9, the studio is rumored to be making the next entry in the Star Fox series. That rumor lends a touch of credibility to this one though. All of the Star Fox games to date that have been pure vehicle shooters—Star Fox, Star Fox 64, and Star Fox Command—have been developed by Q Games. Only offshoots like the Zelda-clone Star Fox Adventures and the hybrid shooter Star Fox Assault have been made by outside studios. A wacky crossover with Retro’s signature series makes perfect sense.

If it’s real, we can at least be guaranteed that it will have two FOXY protagonists.

Sorry. That was unnecessary.