Star Trek Video Game gallery

Shortly after JJ Abram’s 2009 Star Trek reboot was released, game studios were keen on making a video game that could build off the success of the movie and the massive fan base it reinvigorated. But rather than simply making a poorly-done cash-grab, they opted to take their time and make a game worth playing. This is that game.

The pictures above are various screenshots taken from the blandly named Star Trek Video Game that were released earlier today, at GDC in San Francisco. You’ll probably recognize a few familiar faces in the pictures, but if those toothy lizard things don’t ring a bell, it’s because they’re new to the series … sort of. The angry reptiles pictured above are a modern take on the Gorn – a race best known from this hilarious fight scene

As far as gameplay goes, it’ll be an open-world third-person shooter that focuses on co-op gameplay. Kirk and Spock are the main playable characters, but the rest of the crew will be there for support.

Star Trek is set to hit stores on April 23rd, so be sure to check back for updates in the weeks to come, and head over to our hands-on preview to get a closer look at the game.